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CC + The Adelitas


Colleen Clark (CC), drums/arrangements/bandleader

Tonina Saputo, vox/bass

Summer Camargo, trumpet

Lauren Sevian, bari sax

Arcoiris Sandoval, piano

Mimi Jones, bass

“CC and the Adelitas” represents the intersectionality between identity, race, gender and culture. The Adelitas were the women solderaderas of the Mexican Revolution, which helped forge “Adelita” into an icon in Mexican culture, representing the strength and fortitude of women into the modern day. This project and the experience that it creates incorporates the history of the Adelitas and Mexican song writers and/or singers and sets the music in the jazz idiom. 


The combination of history, language, culture and music highlights the importance of our acknowledgement and welcoming of diversity and inclusion. By presenting the songs in Spanish, “CC and The Adelitas” also welcome a broader audience to the music, reinsuring our music community that jazz can be a conduit of not only expression but expression of identity.

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